At the Tribal art fair you can find objects from Oceania, Africa, Indonesia, South-America, Tibet and the Philippines The exhibition comprises jewellery and sculptures, textiles, masks, implements and furniture. All objects on the fair will also be judged by experts in that region.

At the TAF Amsterdam 2014 nineteen renowned art dealers, both from Holland and abroad will display their best pieces. Collectors, enthusiasts and anyone who is curious about tribal art can come and look around or learn more about this art form by attending a guided tour or an interesting lecture, all at ‘De Duif' church in the centre of Amsterdam.

17 and 18 May is The Amsterdam Trail
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23 - 26 October 2014

Opening times:
Opening 23 October, 15.00 - 19:00 (by invitation only)
24, 25, 26 October 11.00-18.00
Admission fee: Euro 5,00


De Duif
Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam
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African Tribal Art Gallery de Ruijter-van Santen
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Gallery de Ruijter-van Santen is specialised in African Tribal Art.
We collect, buy and sell genuine pieces from all over Africa. Most of the objects are found in European collections but we also collect jewelry and artefacts travelling in Africa. Our site gives you an actual impression of our stock and activities. Rudolf and Anneke de Ruijter-van Santen started collecting African Tribal Art at the end of the eighties. Their private collection counts about 200 objects. Being an artist Anneke van Santen organising home exhibitions since 1995. For this purpose both her studio and private house are open for thepublic. So visitors were confronted with the African Art collection of the de Ruijter-van Santen family. Some years later we started with special exhibitions on African Tribal Art. The success of these events resulted in the nowadays 3 exhibitions every year. Each is based on a different theme within African Art.

Our Gallery is open daily by appointment. During exhibitions there is free access at opening hours.